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When the lights go down...

There is only one thing that comes to my my mind when I think about about Wrath... A true super hot BAD ASS LEADER! I wanted to be his Beth. Damn... Twilight saga can't come near to these Black Dagger Brothers!

Set in present day Caldwell, New York ‘Dark Lover’ is the first in a series of novels about the Black Dagger Brotherhood. It tells the story of Wrath - the last purebred vampire left on the planet. The un-ascended king of the vampire species, Wrath lives only to fight in an endless war with the soulless vampire slayers, Lessers, who brutally murdered his parents centuries ago. As leader of the Brotherhood, his only solace is in fighting, not looking to the past or future, shunning his duties as King.

Within the vampire world, Wrath is known as the Blind King, due to his extremely poor eyesight, though this does not affect his powers on the battlefield nor his ability to sense the feelings of others around him.

Blaming himself for not intervening when his parents were slain, Wrath has wrapped himself in a cocoon of self-hatred and emotional distance, but Dark Lover tells of his enlivening. When the Lessers kill one of his best fighters, Darius, Wrath is left with the responsibility to help the warrior’s half-human daughter, Beth, through her transition. It is through Beth that Wrath learns to feel and look toward the future of his life and of the species as a whole.

(The Blind King of Vampires)


A Review by SusanAshlea:

Wrath is the biggest of the brothers; at six feet, nine inches, and close to three hundred pounds of solid muscle, he is intimidating in size and stature alone.  Add the waist length black hair and wrap-around sunglasses that he never takes off, the leather pants and jacket, the size 16 shitkicker boots and all the lead he hauls around, and you can imagine the effect he has on people when they see him.  So, of course he scares the piss out of Beth the first time he goes to watch over her.

The backbone of Wrath’s redemption is that his fellow Brother, Darius, sees something in him that Wrath himself refuses to acknowledge.  Darius has a half-human daughter whom he knows will undergo the transition into a vampire soon and he begs Wrath to see her through the transition.  That type of request carries a lot of heft, as JR Ward’s vampires must drink from their own species in order to sustain themselves.  Wrath is the only pure blood vampire left in the world and Darius knows that Beth needs strong blood to get her through the transition.  Wrath refuses, since he seemingly abhors any kind of responsibility.  But Darius’ untimely demise makes Wrath rethink this promise and he ends up keeping tabs Beth anyways.

This is about the time we start to see Wrath unravel.  For whatever reason, this half-human stirs something deep within Wrath that he struggles to understand for a majority of the book.  We find out that he watched his parents die at the hands of the evil lessers.  He was a weak pre-trans at the time and was shoved into a crawl space for his safety where he watched as his father was tortured.  Even though no one would have blamed him, he still shouldered the blame himself and has come to the conclusion that he is worthless and no good to anyone.  He refuses friendship, despises familiarity, and stays far away from any type of comfort. And he is arrogant.  His arrogance is obviously a fašade, and Wrath wears it well.  It isn’t until Beth gets to the bottom of what’s plaguing him and throws it right back in his face, telling him to effectively, get the fuck over it already!

Slowly but surely, Wrath comes to terms with what he has been through, who he has become, and what he must do for the safety of his race.  It’s only through his extreme love for Beth that he even considers stepping into his role as King.  But because he is willing to do what’s right in the eyes of his love, he is also showing that he has grown more comfortable in his own skin. As the series progresses, it becomes obvious that Wrath is an excellent and fair King, but it’s in large part because Beth is his Queen.  Even though the two have their share of troubles, in the end it’s Beth who was Wrath’s salvation.  Had Darius not had such faith in him to begin with, there is no telling where Wrath, or the rest of their race, would have ended up.

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